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An Earth Orbiting Satellite Model

This is a MLDesigner/SatLab model of an Earth Orbiting Satellite. The satellite carries a payload of instruments that collect and store data, then download it on command to ground stations. The satellite is power by batteries that are recharged by a solar array.

One set of parameters define the operational environment--satellite orbital details, date and time, ground station positions etc. A second set of parameters define the satellite environment

EOS top-level system model
Space environment

The top-level satellite model consists of an instrument system, a control system, a transmission system, and a power system.

Satellite model
Instrument system model

The instruments are connected to memory through a data bus. Data from the instruments is transferred through the data bus to memory until it can be transmitted to ground stations.

The power system consists of solar panels that feed a power controller.

Data bus
Solar panel model

Power is distributed through the power bus.

Power controller
Power bus

When ground stations are in view, the satellite transmits data stored in memory to the ground station.


Three reports from the model are shown below.

Bus voltage
Current on the bus
Data on the data bus