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MLDesigner Design Domains

7 Domains, for each modeling project one

The Discrete Event (DE) Domain

The DE domain uses an event-driven model of computation where time-stamped particles represent events that occur at arbitrary points in simulated time. Schedulers maintain an event queue (a list of events sorted chronologically by time stamp) and manage the execution of events in chronological order. The DE domain is well suited for modeling large complex systems and for integrating and managing the execution of design elements developed in other domains.

The DE domain is a high-level domain that can be used for a broad range of modeling projects. The event driven approach is particularly useful for handling levels of abstraction. MLDesigner extends this abstraction power with data structures, quantity and server resources. The DE domain includes a core library of more than 40 demonstration models. Source code is provided for all core library blocks, so you can quickly modify them to represent your specific problem.