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Your shortcut to the market !

Our Company developes innovative tools for mission and system level design and provides customers with high-quality design services and support.

We first introduced system level solutions that integrate multi-level design and analysis across:

  • Mission / Operational Level
  • Performance / Architectural Level
  • Algorithmic / Functional Level
  • Test / Evaluation

Mission Level Design

New Approach of System Engineering

MLDesigner is the first standardized platform that unifies the system-level design process across development sites and design technologies. MLDesigner integrates the "islands of automation" that have prevented comprehensive system design and validation.

Affordable and powerful, MLDesigner is quickly becoming the platform of choice for Next Generation System Design. Developed and priced as a strategic tool for every engineer's desktop, MLDesigner provides significant productivity improvements for both individual designers and entire teams.

System Environment Modeling

Analyze your system within the environment

MLDesigner offers a variety of models to support the mission level. Combining SatLab with MLDesigner provides advanced wireless capabilities for mission, network and system design of mobile and satellite systems.

Bottom Line Impact

Validation and Optimization

MLDesigner and SatLab validate and optimize the critical up-front decisions that affect 80% of system performance and cost. And they improve the manageability, predictability and productivity of the design process from concept to implementation handoff.

MLDesign Focus

Improve your project's workflow

Complex systems are designed by teams of experts of different disciplines. Early partitioning of the design at high level of uncertainty causes critical design errors, costly redesigns and does not permit to optimize the overall system. It is too risky to start detailed design or implementation without optimizing and validating architecture and functionality.

System-level design and model based executable specifications before partitioning are critical success factors for all companies working on electronic systems, mechatronic systems, networked systems, embedded systems in automobiles, aerospace systems and  on consumer products containing electronics.

MLDesign has developed the Mission Level Design methodology and software for the design of complex systems and supports companies in integration and optimization of their design flows.