MLDesign Technologies, Inc.







Roundup of MLDesigner's Capabilities


  • Hierarchical block diagram models built with graphical editors and a common description language
  • Drag-and-drop modeling
  • State Charts / Finite State Machines
  • Customized source code model component editor (model primitives)
  • Definition of dynamic model instances
  • Data model editor and organizer
    • basic data types
    • basic enumerated types
    • custom data types and enumerated types
  • Parameter model editor
  • Explicit typing of signals and input / output ports possible (custom interface descriptions)
  • Domain-specific modeling with multiple domains (timed and untimed)
  • Hybrid and mixed domain models
  • Automated design verification (model / consistency checking


Evaluation & Analysis

  • Online and offline simulation visualization
    • Visualization of variables, parameters, results, and processes
    • Displays and graphs
    • Interactive input/output widgets
  • Customizable graphical simulation user interfaces
  • Customizable drag-and-drop simulation probes
  • Customized simulation report generation
  • Post-simulation analysis with external tools


Teamwork - Projects Management

  • Distributed, multi-site and/or multi-company modeling effort across technology domains
  • Shared modeling libraries concept (e.g., SMB, NFS, FTP) 
  • Open data model and simulation storage format (XML)
  • Version control management via external VCS systems possible, e.g., Apache Subversion or Git
  • Automated model documentation
  • Intranet/Internet documentation publishing (HTML)


Data Input/Output Management

  • Comprehensive API for external tool coupling
  • Import/Export functions for external tools (e.g., BONeS Designer)
  • Document-based input/output management (e.g., CSV, TXT, spreadsheets)
  • Add-ons for relational database input/output management (e.g., MySQL)



  • Integrated design and simulation environment (parallel modeling and simulation possible)
  • Interactive simulation user interfaces (basic and user defined interfaces)
  • Interactive execution tracing (stepwise, animated)
  • Plug-and-Play capabilities
  • Simulation of dynamic instances
  • External / Headless simulation
  • Different simulation engines for each domain
  • Simulation automation with multiple parameter sets
  • Distributed simulation / Cluster simulation
  • Monte Carlo based state space exploration
  • Source code generation (ANSI C)


Simulation Debugging

  • Graphical model inspection
  • Stepwise simulation with graphical animation
  • Textual inspection via object message sequences
  • Probe display system
  • FSM state monitoring
  • Breakpoint management system



  • Model documentation browser
  • Export of interactive HTML documentation websites
  • Graphical model export and wallpaper printing function


Extensive Component & Example Libraries

  • More than 2000 standardized components (basic and complex components)
  • More than 400 domain-specific simulation examples



  • Creation of custom model components with object oriented programming (C++)
  • Creation of novel modules, functions, and libraries based on standardized MLDesigner libraries
  • Re-use of existing program logic (dynamic linking of SOs/DLLs)
  • Custom MLDesigner Add-on libraries available