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New Features in MLDesigner 3

A list of new features grouped by component

A list of new features in MLDesigner 3 grouped by component. More detailed information about the feature and how to use it can be found on the according subpages. A complete list of new or extended MLDesigner features can also be found in our online documentation.





Console View

  • Keep track of system probes
  • Monitor FSM states
  • Open separate PTcl Shells
  • Text output of simulation in Simulation panel
  • Expand or collapse all log entries

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  • Preset compression method for Library Export
  • Linked properties are highlighted in Online Documentation
  • Action for default entrance of hierarchical states
  • Find/Replace extension for FSM action editor

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Model Editor

  • Expand model instances of type Module
  • Automatically route relations
  • Obtain information about System parameters
  • Keep track of opened Model Editor windows in full screen
  • Integrate new instances into already existing relations
  • Open saved graphs
  • Rework of Print dialog / Tiled printing function
  • Activate and deactivate Port Labels of read-only model instances

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Online Documentation & Manual

  • Comprehensive MLDesigner help resources
  • Based on HTML and fully indexed
  • Available online and as part of MLDesigner
  • Detailed rease notes

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PxGraph Plot

  • Save single graphs
  • Keep graphs beyond the current modeling session

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Tree View Project Browser

  • Find and replace model instances
  • Create new libraries below items of type Directory
  • Show other files in Tree View e.g. images, documentation files
  • File View merged into Library View
  • Create Model option renamed to Create Primitive and Create FSM, respectively
  • Automatic expansion of Library items by mouse over
  • Save As of Libraries does not copy Data Structures anymore

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  • The Continuous-Time and Discrete-Event (CTDE) domain is now a supported domain

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Model Data Structure Editor

  • Change order of data structure members
  • Apply data structures to shared elements and ports by drag and drop
  • Create new sub data structures
  • Additional columns in data structure member editor
  • Restrictions concerning the creation of data structures

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Model Property Editor

  • Improved assignment of values with Data Type enum
  • Selective simulation of Parameter Sets
  • Change target parameters of wormholes
  • Keep track of model instances while Debugging
  • Rework of Select source models dialog
  • More convenient handling of expressions in Parameter Value Expression dialog

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Primitive Source-Code Editor

  • Create new and empty primitive items
  • Move cursor to specific line in the editor
  • Auto-indenting mechanism for closing braces

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  • Simulations run detached from main MLDesigner process
  • Run simulations in Debugger Mode
  • Default setting for Realtime Display of probes
  • Extension to the PTcl command: stats
  • Changed FSM initialization

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