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SatLab- the most flexible way to design satellite systems

Mission environment for mobile and satellite communication

SatLab is..

  • a tool for mission and system level design, animation, and analysis of mobile/satellite communication and navigation systems.
  • available for Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7, Solaris 7 x86, SunOS 4.1, HP-UX 10, Linux 2.0, Red Hat Linux, and SuSE Linux.

SatLab contains..

  • a simulation engine with the fast orbital propagator and trajectory generator for mobiles (aircrafts, missiles, cars, etc..)
  • an animation system with views from space, from earth and in 3D terrain, coverage analysis, circle views and path loss view in 3D terrain
  • a terrain data base system, compatible with USGS DEM, USGS Land Usage data, and DMA DTED data
  • a high-level programming language, called SatLab Command Language (SCL), that is similar to languages in Ctrl-C and MATLAB (tm)

SatLab provides..

  • Multiple animated views of global satellite systems
  • Simulation speeds an order of magnitude faster than other available systems
  • Uplink, crosslink and downlink analysis
  • ECM, jamming and adjacent satellite interference analysis
  • Representation of fixed, mobile and portable earth stations
  • Trade-off design windows for any orbit configuration

SatLab models..

  • Satellites with either circular or elliptical orbits
  • Fixed earth stations at any latitude, longitude and altitude
  • Mobile earth stations
  • Parameters to define all system parameter values

SatLab can be operated through the..

  • Menu system with orbital models for most GMPCS systems
  • Command system with more than 400 functions, and demo systems for routing animation, Doppler frequency analysis, link analysis, antenna gain display and antenna pointing and slewing between earth stations and satellites, and between satellites, filter design and
  • Server system. SatLab can be directly linked to MLDesigner for client/server operations. MLDesigner contains several examples that demonstrate MLDesigner and SatLab working together.