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Model Data Structure Editor

Organization of Data Structures and Data Properties

Change order of data structure members

You can now change the order of members in a data structure not only by drag and drop, but also by right-clicking on a member and choosing Move Up or Move Down.

Apply data structures to shared elements and ports by drag and drop

It is now possible to apply data structures to shared elements (Memories and Events) and Ports simply by dragging an item from the Data Structure View onto a Memory, Event or Port in the Model Editor.

Create new sub data structures

Creating sub data structures has been simplified. To create a new sub data structure, right-click on the supposed parent data structure and choose New Sub Data Structure..., after which the usual Data Structure Editor with the appropriate parent will be shown.

Additional columns in data structure member editor

Two additional columns were added to the data structure member editor, one displays the Default value of a member, the second displays the possible Range of a member value.

Restrictions concerning the creation of data structures


  • Maximum number of inheritance levels for data structures is set to 10.
  • Maximum number of data structure members for composite data structures is set to 1024.
  • Maximum number of sub data structures a data structure can have in the inheritance tree is set to 128.