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MLDesigner Design Domains

7 Domains, for each modeling project one

The Dynamic Dataflow (DDF) Domain

Dynamic Data Flow is a generalized implementation of the dataflow model of computation. The DDF model of computation uses dynamic (runtime) scheduling to addresses the needs data flow models that require more flexible scheduling than is provided in SDF ( Synchronous Data Flow). Data dependent flow of control is only allowed within the confines of a primitive. DDF supports conditionals, data-dependent iteration, and true recursion.

The DDF domain is a good choice for signal processing applications with a limited amount of runtime control. It is useful for systems with multiple modes of operation, such as modems (which have startup sequences and often implement multiple standards), for signal coding algorithms (which often offer a range of compression schemes), and for asynchronous signal processing applications, such as timing recovery and arbitrary Sample Rate conversion.

DDF is the most general of the Data Flow domains. In addition to DDF-specific design blocks, it can also use Boolean Data Flow and Synchronous Data Flow design blocks.