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MLDesigner Design Domains

7 Domains, for each modeling project one

The Finite State Machine (FSM) Domain

The Finite State Machine domain is a new MLDesigner domain, introduced with Version 2.3 to replace the original Ptolemy FSM domain. It describes behavior in terms of states, transitions between states, and actions that affect or are affected by transitions. The FSM domain is a subdomain; FSM Models are always incorporated into other domains via the MLDesigner wormhole mechanism. Finite State Machines are often used to represent control systems and protocol operations.

The MLDesigner FSM mechanism supports an extended set of finite state machine elements. These elements include events, states, transitions, actions, arguments and histories. The FSM supports multiple levels of hierarchy. Most MLDesigner elements can be linked to states, transitions and actions.

When developing FSM models, the Model Editor is automatically configured as an FSM Editor through the addition of tool buttons for FSM model actions such as adding ports, arguments, states, transitions, histories, and labels.