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MLDesigner Design Domains

7 Domains, for each modeling project one

The Continuous Time/Discrete Event (CT/DE) Domain

The CT/DE domain is an experimental domain that supports the design and simulation of continuous time and mixed signal systems. There are many instances where pure discrete event or continuous time models of computation are not sufficient and are in fact problematic. By combining the two models of computation into a new domain it is now possible to design heterogeneous systems with completely different signal types. Connections between ports of different types are made possible by inserting a primitive to convert the signal. These Primitives can be found in the EventInterpreters library (to convert a discrete into a continuous signal) and in the EventGenerators library (to convert a continuous to a discrete signal). This greatly enhances the designer's ability to create models that were till now problems.

The CT part of this mixed domain is suited for modeling physical systems with linear or nonlinear algebraic equation descriptions and has been extended to handle discrete events. This is achieved by having the scheduler switch between continuous time and discrete event mode. At a given time in the simulation interval the Discrete Event scheduler processes all events that have a current timestamp. The simulator then switches to the Continuous Time scheduler. The continuous trajectory of the signal is calculated by a numerical ordinary differential equations (ODE) solver until the next scheduled discrete event is reached where the scheduler switches back to discrete event mode.

The CTDE is work in progress and is stored in the MLD Experimental Library.