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MLDesigner Design Domains

7 Domains, for each modeling project one

The Synchronous Dataflow (SDF) Domain

The SDF model of computation uses static scheduling of data flow where the flow of control is completely predictable at compile time. The SDF domain is a subdomain of the Dynamic Data Flow domain and SDF primitives can be used in DDF systems. For greater efficiency on long runs, the two domains can also be mixed using the MLDesigner hierarchy. A module within a DDF system can be SDF, meaning that it will use an SDF scheduler. Conversely, a module within an SDF system can be DDF.

The SDF domain is suitable for fixed and adaptive digital filtering (in time or frequency domains), multi-rate applications, and filter applications (polyphase real and complex FIR filters.) Application examples in the demo library include speech coding, sample rate conversion, analysis synthesis filter banks, modems, phase locked loops, channel simulation, linear prediction, chaos, filter design, Kalman filtering, phased array beam forming, spectral estimation, sound synthesis, image processing, and video coding.