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MLDesigner Design Domains

7 Domains, for each modeling project one

The Boolean Dataflow (BDF) Domain

BDF constructs an annotated schedule - a static schedule where each firing in the schedule is annotated with the Boolean conditions under which it occurs. Any sequence of firings can depend on a sequence of Boolean values computed during the execution. Execution of an annotated schedule consumes much less overhead than execution of a comparable dynamic dataflow schedule.

Boolean dataflow is a compromise between SDF and DDF. Like DDF, it supports runtime flow of control. Unlike DDF, it attempts to construct a compile-time schedule. This gives the efficiency of SDF with the generality of DDF. BDF has a smaller range of primitives than DDF, and does not support recursion, but the model of computation is as general as that of DDF and it can be used for similar applications.

In addition to BDF design blocks, the BDF domain also accommodates SDF design blocks.